Who We Are

Beyond Research specializes at qualitative research with a focus on strategic advice, branding, product development and communication solutions. We also offer services within design management and concept development, taking the research results one step further.

Our work is grounded on extensive knowledge about consumer behavioural and motivational factors, collected from the laws of psychology, semiotics and ethnology – and driven by our desire to go Beyond where marketing research usually ends.

Our office is located in the city center of Stockholm, with a balcony overlooking the busy city life. The interior is modern and spacious – with rooms dedicated for group discussions as well as one on one interviews. Drop by for a coffee and a chat and we can tell you more about us.

Seta Stålberg


Seta has been working with qualitative research for over 30 years and specializes on brand analysis and trends. Prior to founding Beyond Research she was head of innovation av SIFO Research International. Before that she was director of qualitative research at Demoskop. Seta founded Beyond Research in 2005.

seta (@) beyondresearch.se


Hanna Holländer


Several years of experience within qualitative research and a bachelors degree in political science with a specialization towards behavioral science. She also has a bachelors degree in history of ideas. Hanna started working at Beyond in 2007 and has since then been a driving force in the development of Beyond.

hanna (@) beyondresearch.se



Martha Arango


Martha was the first person in Sweden to combine marketing research with semiotic analysis. She added semiotics as a method and service to Beyond in 2007.

martha (@) beyondresearch.se


Mirja Larsson


Mirja has a bachelors degree within media- and communications as well as social psychology. She also studied anthropological research methods.

mirja (@) beyondresearch.se